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Welcome, Dear Heart, to the Quan Yin Creation Center.

Quan Yin (also know as Kuan Yin, Kwan Yin, Kannon, and Bodhisattva of Compassion)
invites you to join in conscious continuous experience of ecstatic physical enlightenment,
and the co-creation of enlightenment en masse.

We are now experiencing unprecedented individual and planetary awakening.

There is a great acceleration in consciousness, and enlightened support systems are developing on a global scale.
We are experiencing the dissolution of disease, trauma, karma, and disruptions;
and the physical enlightenment of all beings.
This is the beginning of a Golden Age for our Earth.

You are very powerful and important in this Planetary transition.

Here at Quan Yin Creation Center, Quan Yin directly offers "enlightened support" for this magnificent transition.
Quan Yin is channeled in full embodiment through Laura Lee Lizak.

We offer group activations, classes and private sessions.
Experience yourself as a magnificent support for the powers that are moving into this Earth at this time.

During our live teleconferences, many ground these energies in unison all around the world.
Together we physically ignite whatever new frequencies are needed in earth's enlightened support system,
and extend them to all beings.
It is empowering ecstatic fun, and powerful forces of Enlightenment and Creation move through all who participate.
Join us for these exciting experiences!

Laura Lee Lizak is the Founding Director of the Quan Yin Creation Center.
Classes and private sessions with Quan Yin are available live by phone or in person, and we offer recordings of events online.

Seminars and travel adventures are periodically offered.
QuanYin and the Benevolent Forces of Creation design and implement our work.

We are now located in Sedona, Arizona; land of magnificent red rock cliffs, and powerful energy vortexes,
and a wonderfully enlightening spiritual community.

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Join Quan Yin live to accelerate magnificent transformation in
Solar Eclipse Global Unity Ignition 
August 21, 2017
QuanYin channeled live, in full embodiment, by Laura Lee Lizak

Attend In Person in Sedona      Or by Teleconference       Or listen to Recordings Online

Quan Yin's Solar Eclipse Meditation Empowerment Video

This is a meditation to enjoy prior to the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. This is gift from Quan Yin to empower and solidify the enlightened support that is available for the Global Unity Meditation, which will occur at 11:11 am Pacific time that day.

We are all transforming each other. Let us transform the Earth completely together. We are magnificent in connection with each other!

Join Quan Yin live at the Quan Yin Creation Center in Sedona AZ USA, or by teleconference on August 21, 2017 to accelerate the magnificent transformation available during the Solar Eclipse Global Unity Meditation.

Treat yourself to Private Enlightenment Time with Quan Yin!
Sale on Private Sessions with Quan Yin!

QuanYin is channeled in full embodiment through Laura Lee Lizak.
Sale prices good thru August 14, 2017.
Purchase now, and use them anytime you'd like.
Buy a batch of sessions at discount prices for yourself, friends, and family!

Quan Yin and Laura are guests on the
Ground Crew Command Radio Show

Recorded Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Listen to the recording here:  http://

Dimitrios and Ada, the hosts of the show, are dedicated global gridworkers and are connected to COBRA's international network of Lightworkers, including numerous Asian countries and Dragon families. We are very powerful together!

 Enlighten with Quan Yin's Beautiful Chants.
Written and ecstatically sung by Quan Yin through Laura's Lilting Voice:

"Enlightenment with Quan Yin"

Enlightenment CD cover 350x350 RGB

Available on CD or as a digital download

Previous Classes Available Online

Art by Laura Lee Lizak and QuanYin:

"Enlightenment with QuanYin"
First Edition Fine Art Giclee


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