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Creators Unite!

Mission: Creation Connection
Saturday, February 19, 2011
A Live Global Event with QuanYin.

Planetary Mission statement: 

45,000 Creators Connecting Enlightened Support for this Reality

Be one of the 45,000 conduits to Enlighten All Beings in Support Systems of Creation simultaneously.

1 to 2 pm Pacific & Arizona, 2 pm Mountain, 3 pm Central,  4 pm Eastern, 10 am Hawaii, 10 pm Holland

QuanYin and Creation are channeled in embodiment by Laura Lee Lizak

Enlightened powers of Creative Connection will be ignited through each person participating.
We use the great forces we generate together to support enlightened creation in each and every experience in our world.

This is an ecstatic empowering mass experience.
Please spread the word of this event far and wide.
Together we create an enlightened reality!
For information on how to connect into this event live please scroll to the bottom of this page.

QuanYin and the Benevolent Forces of Creation request creators around the globe gather to simultaneously ignite a Support System of Creation into each and every person, experience, and connection in our world. In ignition together, we dissolve trauma, disease, difficulty and disruption. We support enlightenment, success, freedom, enlivenment, excitement and creative connection.

During this experience, you will feel powerful support systems of creation open in your body. You will experience physical enlightenment. You will feel impulsed into divine creation, to support the highest possibilities for our reality. Your experience of manifestation will accelerate. And you will support many beings in these powers.

We will use the great powers we generate together to create incredible new possibilities for ourselves and our world. By igniting in acceleration and connection with each other, will create new levels of support and power through our bodies, out to all, and into our reality. We powerfully create support systems to enliven enlightened creation in our world. And it is a lot of fun!

QuanYin States:

"All of the beings in this reality are in need of accelerating a support system of creation and Enlightenment. It is important that individuals support and experience accelerated creative force together, to be able to give new energies into this world. I am wanting to share these support energies with all who are wanting to share creation. It is needed that individuals have the power to give this energy to all beings. It is time to create that influence.

"We are needing to grow power in all beings that enlivens, supports, accelerates creation, and enlightens here. It is important that we are in this support system to give out this power. We are support system ignitors when we allow ourselves to give this energy out to all beings.

Let us shift this world this day; to allow all experiences to create enlightenment and Divine form. We are needing to give this out to all here to be that powerful. That is our work in this experience. This is our moment to ignite this support for all beings.

"Do you want to be a part of this exciting connection? Thank you! You are important here! What a powerful experience we are going to create together: magnifying creation in all beings! What a support we can experience! That it the power of the hour!"


"This work is truly amazing. So many incredible things are happening in my life and all around me since the creation ignition two days ago. Incredible opportunities just seem to be coming out of nowhere. I can hardly believe the power that was generated by us all in this gathering. So many sharing such powerful creative force, focusing on what is needed globally right now... I feel like we literally turned the world in the right direction! ---- L.E., Big Island of Hawaii

  Gather Your Friends for Creation Celebration on February 19.

You will feel highly energized and blissful during and after this event. Create an ecstatic Creation Day gathering with your friends, family, community to celebrate, support, and share this power. 

For exciting options on how to celebrate this Global Ignition click here.

Be one of the 45,000 who ignite global enlightenment.

Sign in below and you will receive info on all preparation Ignitions and how to connect into this telecast event live.

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