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QuanYin invites you to fully embody your Divinity.

Join us for this life-ecstatifying adventure:

6th Annual Divinity Intensive

                                 25 twice-weekly live transmissions by Bodhisattva QuanYin                                   channeled in full embodiment by Laura Lee Lizak

Mondays and Thursdays  

October 29, 2009 through February 4, 2010
Live Via Teleconference or In Person Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii

5:30 to 7:30 PM Pacific*---6:30 PM Mountain*---7:30 PM Central---8:30 PM Eastern---3:30 PM Hawaii*

Thanksgiving Holiday: No class Nov. 24 through 29.  Christmas Holidays: No classes Dec 22 through Jan 3.

Leap, Dear Heart.
QuanYin and the Benevolent Forces of Creation graciously offer you this Divinity Intensive to midwife your Divine embodiment. This is QuanYin's most supportive, ecstatifying work at the QuanYin Creation Center. Your life will be enlightened and empowered in this
accelerated journey. She excitedly urges you to give this glorious gift to yourself and to our world.

QuanYin offers this Divinity Intensive as a support system to physically, spiritually, and mentally ignite you into your multidimensional, creative, and enlightening Godself. Share in 25 discourses with QuanYin and receive 25 different and progressive Accelerated Creative Force ignitions in your body. Become Divinity in action. Operate from an enlightened center of consciousness. Ground in evolutionary energy bodies and accelerated creative forces newly available in this reality, and become able to give them to others. Create what you want in your life easily, joyfully. Empower your service work dramatically. Create and and enjoy a tremendous support system for your new levels of consciousness. Ignite all beings in these powers. Enjoy the powerful support available from QuanYin and the Masters. Celebrate in the support of folks all over the world sharing this class. And have a lot of fun!

This class size is limited, so QuanYin can give each participant personal attention and support. The energies will continuously accelerate dramatically during this course. This consistent building of energies in ignition and support will leave trauma, drama, disease and disruption behind. It will take you to heights you have never imagined before!

Hear Beloved QuanYin illuminating her intentions for the Divinity Intensive. 

Receive these exciting gifts:

  • Create Enlightenment in Your Body.
  • Ground and Empower your God Presence.
  • Release Disruptions, Trauma, Drama, Pain, and Disease from your life and the World.
  • Live in Enlightenment.
  • Support Creation in All Experiences.
  • Celebrate Creation in All of Your Work.
  • Have More Energy, Power and Excitement than ever before in your Physical Body.
  • Open Support Systems of Creation.
  • Receive and Enlighten Evolutionary New Energy Body Structures.
  • Create whatever you want in Accelerated Creative Force.
  • Receive 25 levels of Support in Creation. 
  • Create Powerful Portals of Creation in Your Body, Mind, Heart, Home, Office, and All Your Support Systems.
  • Create in Accelerated Creative Force Connection with many Others. 
  • Develop Inter-dimensional Facilities and Support Systems.
  • Empower Your Channeling and Healing Abilities.
  • Channel Gratitude and Support Continuously.
  • Enlighten Support for All Beings.
  • And much, much more!

Give yourself this life changing adventure, and be ready for your world to shift!


"I do not have the words to express my gratitude and love for these classes...We are the GODS in action! The love and power that expresses through Laura and her channeling is so~~PURE~~and filled with such light. What a great service we are doing for the planet together!"-- Long Island, Creation Lecturer, Teacher, Practitioner

"The most advanced energy work I have ever experienced. Simply miraculous!"
--Hawaii, Light Body Author and Practitioner

"The classes are amazing! I am awed by the changes I feel in my body, my heart,
my thinking, my work, and the world. Bless you for offering this divinity." -- Dallas, Holistic Practitioner, Author

Each year the Divinity Intensive is different, more powerful and more accelerated. If you are a Divinity Intensive graduate, you can join us again at a discounted tuition.

Register by October 18 and receive an audio MP3 recording of QuanYin's Ignition of Divinity, a $25 value, as our gift.

Tuition: $650 when paid if full prior to the Intensive,or 3 monthly payments of $235
Attending the Intensive the second time: $475, or 3 payments of $170
                                                      Third time: $375, or 3 payments of $140                                                       Fourth
time: $300, or 3 payments of $115

Enrollment in the Intensive is limited. Reserve your spot early. QuanYin asks for a full three month commitment to this course, even if paying in installments.

Tapes of all classes will be available on computer by MP3 download. To keep the energies accelerating continuously for all in the group, tapes of missed classes are to be heard ASAP. Up to four classes can be missed live during the course.
*Note: Class will begin at 2:30 PM Hawaii, 5:30 PM Arizona on Oct 29. When Daylight savings time begins on November 1, classes will begin at 3:30 PM Hawaii, and 6:30 PM Arizona for the remainder of the course. In all other USA time zones class times remain constant. 

Payment by Paypal or Credit Card

Call 505 670-0714 or 808 328-9303 if you need info or assistance.

Full Payment of $650

 3 monthly payments of $235

For payment of discounted tuition for re-attending the Intensive, please pay directly through paypal.com

Payment by Check

Send check to Laura Lizak   POBox 1760   Kealakekua HI 96750
If paying by check, please call us directly for registration information at 505 670-0714, or 808 328-9303, or email us at

Allow one week for mail delivery to Hawaii.

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