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 Channeling Class with QuanYin and Laura
Saturday October 11, 2008 
1 to 5 pm Pacific & Arizona, 2 to 6 pm Mountain, 3 to 7 pm Central, 4 to 8 pm Eastern, 10 am til 2 pm Hawaii

Join us by Teleconference wherever you are
OR in Person at the QuanYin Creation Center, Captain Cook, Big Island, Hawaii

 Beloved QuanYin will Open, Clear, Connect, and Ignite you to physical channeling. Laura will discuss techniques, aspects, and experiences of channeling. Each person attending will experience channeling opportunities. Join us for this ecstatic inter-dimensional journey!

QuanYin states:
“We are needing connection with those who are in other realities than our own. We are in need of supporting ourselves in the power that is creating itself in other realities. We are in need of giving to this reality the necessary connections to allow this to occur. We are in need of giving to ourselves these energies that are coming through in this manor, to our bodies and to this world. We are in good situations if we are giving these energies to our bodies and to our experiences. We are the ones who are giving this energy to this world if we are inter-dimensional beings.

“It is time for inter-dimensionality to occur for your body and heart. It is time to be the person that you are meant to be. It is time to be the one who inter-dimensionally gives energy to this world. That is what we call channeling here at this time. That is the way we give energy to this world.  It is our world that needs to be experiencing this excitement in connection. We are the beings that are available to give this energy out. That is the excitement of this time. Support each other. Allow this world to connection these inter-dimensional energies. That is the world we are wanting to be a part of, yes indeed.”

By teleconference: $55 per person 
In Person: $45 per person 
Divinity Graduate Circle Members: $45 per person

Payment Option: Paypal and Credit Card
To pay for event by paypal/credit card
please complete the details on the right and
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After processing your registration, class information will be emailed to you. For registration the day of the event, please call us directly for conference codes at 808.328.9303, or 505.670.0714.
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Payment Option: By Check

To pay by check, please call us directly at 505.670.0714, or 808.328.9303 to receive registration info and confirmation. Mail delivery to Hawaii can take a week.

Please send check to:   Laura Lizak   POBox 1760   Kealakekua HI 96750 

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