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Private Sessions and Vortex Retreats with Quan Yin and Laura

QuanYin is channeled in full embodiment through Laura Lee Lizak.

Private Sessions are available by phone or in person at the Quan Yin Creation Center in Sedona Arizona, USA
Private Retreats are offered on the Vortexes in Sedona.
Group retreats are offered in Sedona, or your location.

You will receive a digital recording of your session.

Private time with QuanYin and Laura is an ecstatic gift of Enlightened Support for yourself and the Earth. You will experience much bliss and expansion, plus a building sense of empowerment, grounding, knowing, and well-being. Your specific goals and intentions will be addressed from QuanYin's enlightened compassionate perspective. She will clear karma, trauma, pain, disease, disruptions, and connections with  disruptive entities. You will receive whatever accelerated new energies and energy body structures are available at this time. Your physical body will be enlightened, enlivened, and strengthened. Your powers of creation will be accelerated. You will create excitement and enlightened support for yourself and the world. And you will have a lot of fun!

"The most advanced light body work I have ever experienced. Nothing short of miraculous."
-Light Body Author and Practitioner

We offer various types of private sessions with Quan Yin:

1. Personal Enlightenment Session: 45 minutes
2. Conversation with QuanYin: 30 minutes
3 MOST POWERFUL: Full Energy System Ignition: 2 hours
4. Enlightened Support Session for Couples
5. Enlightened Support for Children and In-utero Babies
6. Enlightened Support For Your Home/Healing Space/Land/Temple
7. Private Group Enlightenment Experience

Enlightenment Retreats on the Vortexes of Sedona with Quan Yin and Laura:

8. Private Sedona Vortex Enlightenment Retreat: 4 to 5 hours

9. Private Sessions with Laura Lee Lizak
Private Sessions are also available with Laura, for the grounded approach to navigating your enlightened powers. 

Please note: We require 48 hour notice to receive a refund or to reschedule. Sale prices are non-refundable.

1. Personal Enlightenment Session

Duration: 45 minutes.
Cost: $125.
Available in person or by telephone.

QuanYin States:

"This is a powerful physical experience of expanded consciousness and awareness that enlightens each part of your being: your body, heart, mind, and spirit. It will enliven your body, and support your being in grounding into your body. It will ignite your experiences into enlivened connection in this world. You will experience a lot of excitement and wonder in your body. You will open new portals of creation. You will ignite support and excitement in all beings. And you will be very very powerful in your body. And it will be a lot of fun! "

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your session, click here.

2. Conversation with Quan Yin: 30 minutes

30 Minute session: $90
Available by telephone only.

A private conversation with QuanYin is a wonderful way to receive her benevolent wise counsel specific to the most pertinent aspects of your life, health, spirituality, work, enlightenment, and your powers of Creation. QuanYin goes directly to the heart of any matter. There may be visits from other Masters as well during your session.

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your session, click here.

 3. Full Energy System Ignition

Duration:  Allow 2 hours for the complete experience.
Cost: $175.
Available in person or by telephone

This is the most comprehensive session Quan Yin offers. It is deeply heart-opening and often life-transforming. QuanYin will clear, heal, expand, and ground your physical body; then ignite energies and new energy structures to evolve you physically in Consciousness, Enlightenment, and Creation. Your body and spirit will feel cleared, strengthened, expanded, excited. Your powers of creation will be greatly enhanced. You will feel enlightenment throughout your entire experience. 

QuanYin will construct and accelerate Evolutionary energy structures for your body--to accommodate your creative potential, interdimensional awareness, and the new ecstatic frequencies available at this time. She works in association with the Counsel of 12 for the Propagation of the New Species, Sanat Kumara, Sananda, Lao Tsu, Mother Mary, hosts of Masters, the Archangels, and many others.

QuanYin will answer personal questions for about 20 minutes. She will then release whatever traumas and disruptions are part of your experience. This may be disease, physical trauma, birth trauma, emotional trauma, spiritual disruptions, past life issues, surgical intrusions, post traumatic stress disorder, etc. This can also include entity removal, peaceful resolution with loved ones who have crossed over, resolutions of karmic circumstance, soul retrieval, etc.

QuanYin will then gift powerful Enlightened Support throughout your body. You will create new energy body structures, portals, and vortexes. You may activate/accelerate your healing abilities, inner sight, inner connection with teachers and guides, channeling abilities, inter-dimensional awareness, etc. This will dramatically accelerate your abilities to create whatever you want in your reality, personally and globally, and greatly increase the sense of joy and excitement in your life.

You will become a potent conduit for enlightenment energies and will transmit them to others. To embody these powers is a life-altering gift to you, your service, our global family, and to our planetary being.

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your session, click here.

4. Enlightened Support Session for Couples

Duration: Approximately two hours
Cost: $225
Available in person or by telephone

This session is for couples, partners, parent and child, friends or for those who would enjoy connecting more deeply with each other on higher levels. An energy session for two will profoundly accelerate the depths of love, connection, creation, power between two people. You will create powerful vortexes and portals of energy together in your bodies to ignite the powerful possibilities of creation in enlightenment together.

The energies and energy structures QuanYin opens in a Full Energy System Ignition (above) will be shared, integrated, and exponentially accelerated between the two of you. It will help release whatever difficulties are between you, accelerate the creation of what is powerful for you to share, and help you have much ecstatic joy together.

It will accelerate creation energy portals between you that allow for greater expansion, connection. It will give much love to each individual and much joy to the connection between you. Together you will become an emanating force of enlightened creation that will extend out and help many to ignite in their powers.

You will each have some time to ask QuanYin personal questions, and you will experience energy clearings, connections, accelerations, ignitions, and portalizations.

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your sessions, click here.

5. Enlightened Support for Children and In-utero Babies

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours.
Cost: $175
Available in person or by telephone

These energy sessions for little ones are truly a blessed gift from QuanYin. QuanYin will help to balance, clear ignite and empower them in their new reality. Their past and current life traumas, physical challenges, and emotional disruptions will be cleared out of their new little bodies. They will be given enlightened support to help them operate powerfully/ and healthily in this new reality of theirs. New support systems of energy, powerful ways of being in a body, delightful ways of sharing creation, rainbow star system enhancements, new energy systems constructed completely for them, and new systems of consciousness will be opened into their experience. These structures help children to remember and ignite their powers as creators in this reality, and come in with a clean slate of power and support for everyone.

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your session, click here.

6.Enlightened Support For Your Home/Healing Space/Land/Temple/Office

Duration: Approximately two hours
Cost: $250
Available at your location or by telephone

QuanYin will bless your space, whether it be a healing space, home, temple, office, land, and build whatever structures of energy are most appropriate and empowering, She will release any disruptive energies or entities. Quan Yin will ground, accelerate and create Portals of Enlightened Support, Vortexes, Enlightened Support Systems, Power Structures of Creation your property. Your enlightenment, work, healing, manifestation, and upliftment will be greatly accelerated in this environment. Your location will be a portal of Enlightenment for the Earth.

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your session, click here.

7. Private Group Enlightenment Experience

QuanYin's counsel and activations are also offered to your private group-in person, or via teleconference. A group energy session is powerful for churches, events, conferences, families, private practices, healing centers, businesses, retreat groups, healing groups, classes, and any gathering of enlightening individuals.

QuanYin will empower all in the situation to accelerate their energies and accommodate the powerful structures of enlightenment and creation that are moving into our reality at this time. Each individual will ignite as a powerful creator, and the group will share these energies to ignite their unified field of intention, and all in this reality. New Energy Body Structures, Portals, vortexes, support systems, and ignition energies will open up for personal and group enlightenment. The work of the group will be clarified and ignited into exciting creation. Each individual will receive unique and personal powers and support, and the group dynamic will become supportive and enlightening for each and for the whole.

Duration: From 45 minutes to 5 hours
Cost: Determined by the group size and time duration.
Available in person or by teleconference

Please contact us at 505 670-0714 to create your personal group enlightenment experience.

8. Private Sedona Vortex Enlightenment Retreats with Quan Yin and Laura


Experience a magnificent day of enlightenment and transformation, amidst the powerful Red Rock Vortexes of Sedona, in the loving personal support of Quan Yin and Laura Lizak.

You will receive a Full Energy System Ignition with Quan Yin (see #3 above), while connecting with the sacred power spots of the Sedona landscape. You will be magnificently empowered and opened up to new energy systems in your heart and throughout your body, transforming yourself into an enlightened support system. You will accelerate your powers by grounding Enlightened Support into the Earth grids in the portals of Sedona.

You will heal your body, mind, heart and soul; clear and release old karma and trauma; and create exciting new possibilities for yourself. You will understand your powers of enlightenment and extend them into all parts of your life. Interdimensional experience will open up. You will create new opportunities for yourself to empower the Earth in Enlightened Support. Every person on this Earth will be affected by your transformation. A life transforming experience! And a lot of fun!

Duration: From 4 to 5 hours

Cost: $450 for one person
$550 for 2 people or couples, $650 for 3 to 5 people
Available in person in Sedona; or in your location.

Please contact us at 505 670-0714 to create your personal vortex enlightenment retreat, or email us at creation@quanyincenter.org.

9. Private Sessions with Laura Lee Lizak

Duration: $90 per hour, $45 per half hour
Half the normal cost for children and teens.
Available by telephone only

Laura has been trained by QuanYin, Seth of Seth Speaks, Sananda, and other Masters, to help integrate the accelerated consciousness, energies and gifts of this time into our personal and planetary lives. She also offers her personal experience of walking with these teachers in these teachings for 25 years. Sessions with Laura are the human approach; very helpful in finding practical ways to use and integrate the gifts given from QuanYin and the Masters. She will help you use and understand the powers that you carry, and guide you in creating your excitement. you can also combine time with Laura and QuanYin.

Please call 505 670-0714 to schedule your session. If paying by paypal/credit card for your sessions, click here.

For more information, call the QuanYin Creation Center directly at 505 670-0714 or email us creation@quanyincenter.org.

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