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Aloha, Chow and Welcome to the QuanYin for Kids Creation Celebration!

If you want to be very powerful in your body,

and want to give a lot of joy and power to the whole world,

Click here. 

Click below to start or stop the background music.


This is a powerful experience with QuanYin that will give you much energy to enjoy your body and to create a lot of excitement for yourself. It will help you be lot more powerful in the world. It will give a lot of energy to this world in your body. You are a powerful being in great excitement in this reality! Give yourself this power! And celebrate this creation! It is going to be a lot of fun. Give yourself this power and enjoy your body! Jump up and down and celebrate all of this power coming into your body! Have a lot of fun with this!

For Moms and Caregivers: 

This is a guided meditation of creative excitement that will help your children be more powerful in their bodies, hearts and minds. They will feel this power in their bodies, and feel their bodies and minds creating new power and strength. This is a exciting experience for a child with autism, cancer, and any other physical and mental challenges, as well as for a crystal, indigo, "normal" (is there such a thing?) and healthy child. It is also a powerful revitalizing and calming experience for you. It lasts about 25 minutes. Enjoy YOUR body too!


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