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How to Optimize Enlightened Support from Quan Yin

During Quan Yin's Activations, Quan Yin will ground whatever new powers are needed in your body and this earth at this time. To optimize this experience, we offer this guidance:

Preparing yourself and your environment

Sit in a quiet location in a comfortable upright position, with your spine erect. Prop yourself up with pillows if need be. Turn off computer, other phones, possible distractions. Have 2 or more glasses of drinking water on hand. Know you are in Divine hands; decide that nothing can happen to you that is harmful, or without your permission. You will receive great gifts from this ignition by choosing to create the highest possibility of this experience, and by choosing to heartfully share this enlightened support with all.


Grounding is very important. It allows these new energies to flow into our reality. It empowers you tremendously.
In order to ground, intend and feel your body and spirit energetically connecting into the earth. Your breathing will deepen and your body will feel powerful and calm when your grounding connects.

During the Activation

New energy systems to support enlightenment in all beings will ground into and through your physical body. The energies will come down through your central column, enlighten, transform, and portalize your body. This will accelerate consciousness and life force throughout your body and being. You will most likely feel very blissful, energized and calm.

This accelerated creative force will dissolve trauma, pain, disease and disruption. You can just decide to let the past go. Allow your being and your body to expand into the new enlightened support experience available at this time. You may have emotional releases. Portalization is occurring; you are magnificent in your portalization.

If you feel you have more energy than you can handle, breath deeply and relax into the acceleration. Purposefully LET GO, GROUND yourself, drink plenty of  WATER, and EXTEND the energies out from you to all beings. You will feel much more calm, powerful, expanded, and blissful when your grounding connects, and when you extend the energies out to others. 

If you find yourself focusing on difficult situations in your life, choose that those issues be healed and completed. Choose what you would like to create now. When you focus on what you would like to create in these powerful force fields, your energies will transform, emotions will clear, and you will powerfully accelerate the manifestation of what you intend.

Extending Enlightenment to All Beings

The accelerated energies moving through you are very powerful forces of Enlightened Connection. When you say, "I extend Enlightenment to all beings," your body literally creates the enlightened support needed, and that power runs through your body, and out to all beings. This statement will accelerate your powers dramatically, and your body will ignite in the process.

Your body will be a conduit to open these energies into all beings and to this reality. This is tremendously helpful and important for our planetary shift at this time. This opens up powerful support in your body, and for our world.

Your healing, consciousness, and power will continuously accelerate. This accelerated power will magnify your focus and intentions into manifestation. While these accelerated energies run through you, focus on what you want to be creating for yourself and for our world. Quan Yin suggests telling yourself that you want to enjoy your body, to feel excited by your reality, and to enlighten all beings continuously.

Everyone involved in a group ignition will enlighten each other continuously. We will connect to create and enlighten a powerful Enlightened Support System for all beings. We are tremendously powerful and important together! We can truly change this reality!

Following an Activation

Directly after the transmission, allow yourself some time to enjoy and assimilate the energies into your cellular structure. You may feel relaxed, peaceful, and ready to sleep, or you may feel like walking or even dancing. Enjoy your body! Let yourself celebrate or rest, as you feel inclined, and drink plenty of water. Journaling on what you would like to create will give much power to your intentions.

An activation/ignition can be followed by clearing and assimilation as bliss builds in your body and your life situations. It is an enlightening, deeply rewarding, ecstatic process, so enjoy! QuanYin suggests sitting in meditation in these energies for 25 minutes in the morning and in the evening, and deciding to enlighten all beings in all experiences. This keeps the energies flowing very powerfully, and continuously accelerating. Walking on the earth very powerfully ignites these powers. Sit on or touch or the earth often to ground the energies.
You will probably feel an urge to have fun with people, and be very productive in your service work and in your life. Share the energies in some form, be it through meditation, healing work, speaking, singing, interacting, dancing, celebrating, etc. Sharing keeps the energies flowing quite ecstatically. You will feel much power in your body when you share the energies, and you will feel blissfully calm. You will be enlightening another, who will in turn enlighten others, and so on. The more you give, the more you will receive! And the world will enlighten continuously.
Thank you for your power and support! Thank you for Enlightening ALL Beings!
Enlighten each other continuously! Amma!

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