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Free Global Service Teleconference Ignition with Beloved QuanYin:

Ignition of Accelerated Creative Force Connection
QuanYin channeled in full embodiment through Laura Lee Lizak

Join us to accelerate what you DO want for our world right now!
Friday October 3, 2008
6 pm to 7 pm Pacific--7 pm Mountain--8 pm Central, 9 pm Eastern--3 pm Hawaii

"Real wealth is knowing what to do with energy.” -Buckminster Fuller
At this time of great transition, let us come together in great creation, power and support. QuanYin and the Forces of Creation invite you to ignite Accelerated Creative Force Connection to align our reality into our highest possible experience. Together we will release trauma, negativity, and disruptions. We will extend these powerful creational energies to all beings, all situations, and all developments in our world. In connection, in ignition, we create our new structures, our new reality, our Golden Age!
QuanYin states:
“We ignite together to create excitement and acceleration, to support experiences of creation, and all of the things we are in need of at this time. Let us give to each other this excitement and this power. Let us support enlightenment together. Give this to your reality. Align in this power; celebrate in this power. Allow all beings to give this energy to each other. And support, support this acceleration.”

Ignition of Accelerated Creative Force Connection with QuanYin is a powerful, ecstatic, physical experience that affects all beings. Join in this exciting experience!

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