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Enjoy Quan Yin's July Message Below
Powerful Personal and Planetary Plentitude!

Join Quan Yin for a magnificently powerful planetary experience:
Powering Up the Planet in Enlightened Support
Recorded Live Thursday July 27, 2017

All Enlightenment Occurring~~All Transformation Occurring
QuanYin channeled live, in full embodiment, by Laura Lee Lizak

Quan Yin speaks about this Event:

"There are changes in everyone's bodies that accelerating dramatically right now. Let yourself experience those changes in magnificent support and excitement, with those who are enlightening this Earth at this time. Let us transform each other completely, and celebrate the transformation that is available to all beings. Amma."

Join Quan Yin for magnificent support system
accelerating through each and every person.

45 Levels of enlightened support coming through for all beings.
Enlightened support transforming each person's body.
Magnificent powers accelerating transformation in each person's experience.
Noticeably different kinds of powers and support coming through everyone's bodies.
Channeling enlightenment into and through all parts of your being.
You being transformational to the Earth.
All beings sharing this power.
Tumultuous energies supporting disruption disbanding from the Earth.
All beings transforming each other.
Enlightened support grounding through everyone continuously.

Quan Yin's July Message:

"Enormous power is shifting into everyone's bodies these days. There are transformations occurring in everyone's experience. We are all experiencing enlightened support in every experience. No one is outside of this. This all works to enlighten the Earth, in connection with each other.

Now, the power that is moving through you is channeling into everything that you are a part of. We are all channeling these powers. We decide to create transformation, and all life force accelerates. All beings transform; all transformation occurs continuously.

We are believing in ourselves now. We all decide to create magnificence together, and all powers converge, and magnificence occurs for all beings. Transformation in continuous acceleration continuously occurs.

We all have powers here. We all decide to create connection together and the transformation accelerates. Transform each other here. Take the time to transform in connection, and accelerate the transformation that is possible.

Thank the God consciousness for this enlightened support, and transform the world together. Amma. Notice the shift that is transformation, that is consciousness in action. Say yes to consciousness continuously accelerating for all beings. Amma.

Transformation completely happens whenever we say yes to this power. Allow this power to transform you completely. Thank the God consciousness for this enlightened support, and magnificence is occurring. Thank the God-conscious support systems for giving help to each other and every person in this Earth, and say yes to this transformation completely and continuously occurring. Amma."

Laura Lee Lizak is an internationally recognized full  body channel of Quan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Mercy and Compassion.  Laura channels  Quan Yin in full embodiment of her personality, voice, mudra, and movement.  Quan Yin is often seen in Laura’s body  during channeling. Many thousands  around the world have received enlightened support from Quan Yin thru Laura’s  body. Quan Yin, thru  Laura, facilitates personal and group enlightenment  experiences,  Source activations, and physical body transformation; to  powerfully  ignite enlightenment in all beings. Laura is the founding Director   of the Quan Yin Creation Center, in Sedona Arizona. Private  channeled sessions  are available,  as well as global teleconferences, seminars, retreats, etc, to  create international empowerment of the  mass enlightenment at   hand.
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