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Join Quan Yin for this Powerful Experience of Enlightened Support:

Enlightening All Beings Continuously
All Beings Continuously Accelerating in Power

QuanYin channeled live, in full embodiment, by Laura Lee Lizak

Friday June 12, 2015

Attend In Person in Sedona

Or by Teleconference       Or listen to Recordings Online

In Person in Sedona: 5:45 to 8 pm

By Phone:  6 to 8 pm Arizona & Pacific Time    7 to 9 pm Mountain
8 to 10 pm Central     9 to 11 pm Eastern     3 pm to 5 pm Hawaii

QuanYin's Message:

"No one is outside of the experience of enlightening each other right now. Now one is outside of the experience of grounding this power in their bodies. No one is outside of the experience of transforming each other. We are all experiencing enlightened connection. No one is outside of this excitement and experience of transforming this Earth together.

"You are transforming this world, yes indeed. Again, no one is outside of this experience. You are magnificent in your powers. You are channeling your powers to everyone in this Earth experience. You are the person who understands this power. You are the freedom, the support, the consciousness, the wonder, the frequency of enlightened support. You are the planet in transition, that is needing to accelerate in excitement and connection with others.

"You are transforming your experience, and accelerating in power. You are fabricating powers to magnify support into this world. You are magnificent in your experience. You are channeling your world into power. You are frequency accelerators that transform an Earth. We are channeling all creation and enlightening all together. And that is important to recognize, and to enlighten into this Earth. Amma. That is the magnificent transformation that is occurring here, in all experiences. Amma. Thank you. Amma."

Quan Yin's intentions for this event:

25 Hours of Enlightened Support
Magnificent Support in All Parts of Your Being
Fabrications of Consciousness That Allow Magnificence to Occur
New Powers Transforming Your Experience
New Support Systems Accelerating Into This Earth
Your Body Transforming This World
Your Life Force Celebrating Itself in Power
Your Channel Exercises Accelerating
Your Magnificence Empowering Itself
You Channeling Support for This Earth
Your Channeling Accelerating in Power
Your Magnificence Accelerating
Your Magnificence Supporting All Beings
Channeling All Beings in Connection
All Beings Supporting Each Other Continuously

And we have a lot of fun together!

$25  Per Person
$20 Current Enlightened Circle Members
Registration below by paypal or check


Sedona Location:
Quan Yin Creation Center

49 Redstone Drive, Sedona AZ 86336

Please arrive in person by 5:45 pm; we start on teleconference exactly at 6 pm.

This location is about 10 minutes drive from Whole Foods. 


From Whole Foods in West Sedona: Take Hwy 89A towards Oak Creek Canyon. Turn right onto Hwy 179 until you reach the next round-about at Canyon Drive. (Just past King's Ransom Hotel.)
 Turn left up the hill on Canyon Drive. Go straight through the stop sign. Within a block Canyon Dr. turns into Redstone Drive. We are at 49 Redstone, on the right, with the purple jeweled mail box. Please park in the driveway if possible.
The QuanYin Creation Center is dedicated to the enlightenment of all beings. QuanYin and the Forces of Creation guiding our planetary enlightenment design our work at The QuanYin Creation Center. Laura Lee Lizak is the director of the Center, and has been a channel/transmitter of QuanYin and Creation since 1992. QuanYin transmits through Laura in full embodiment of personality, voice, mudra, and movement, powerfully extending enlightenment; and is often seen in Laura's body during channeling.

Payment by Paypal or Credit Card: 

You will receive conference codes immediately online, plus access info to the online recording of this event.
Call 505-670-0714 for assistance or info.

$25.00 per person

Payment By Check:
Please send check to:   Laura Lizak   49 Redstone Drive   Sedona AZ 86336

If paying by check, please click here: creation@quanyincenter.org to send an email informing us you are sending a check. We will reply to your email with conference codes.

If you are paying by check less than 24 hours prior to the event, please send email, and call us directly at 505.670.0714 to receive conference codes.

Quan Yin Center bar
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