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Quan Yin's Long Awaited Advanced Intensive!

The Enlightenment Intensive
with Quan Yin

For Graduates of Quan Yin's Divinity and Light Intensives
A Support System of Enlightened Experience

September 3, 2015 through December 17, 2014
15 weekly live transmissions by Bodhisattva QuanYin
channeled live in full-embodiment by Laura Lee Lizak

Attend Live Via Phone Conferencing     Or Attend In Person in Sedona, AZ, USA
Recordings Available Online

Yes, Dear Hearts, for the very first time, we are offering an Advanced Intensive.

This course is specifically designed by Quan Yin for you Magnificent Graduates of the Divinity or Light Intensives.
We are so very excited to gather Beings that are so powerful - to create magnificence together.
This is a Family-of-Consciousness Reunion!
My heart hums from the thought!

It's a whole new world since the Divinity Intensives!

2012 has happened. The energy structures of this Earth have become more powerful than ever. The structures of consciousness are magnificently exciting right now. We are all transforming dramatically. New powers, new bodies, new wondrous accelerations taking place...and we all are enlightening each other continuously.

You are the magnificent support system that is accelerating this Earth at this time.
Let us exponentially join our powers together to create magnificence for all beings!

Quan Yin States:

"New powers are grounding through to everyone. So many beings are transforming to accommodate the powers that are accelerating onto this Earth. Each being is accelerating, in every possible way. We are all transforming each other in this experience of enlightened support. You are transforming your world, in every part of your being. We are channeling support to every experience.

Notice this shift in your body as you understand this. Notice the feeling of 'going to the power' in your body. Notice how far this has accelerated in your heart. Notice the witness in your heart. See that experience enlightening your body, and channel the power to all in your life.

Change this experience into support. Let your heart be the support in all experiences. And channel this power continuously, in all experiences. That is the support that is needed right now. Let it be simple. Enlightened experience is all the manor of support that is needed. You thought form new ideas and the world is new. Amma. Amma.

Thank the Gods for this support and ground this support for all. That is the first magnificent support to give; then it is important to allow your way of being to support this also. And develop a channeling that is easy in your body, and wants to be supportive to you. Notice this shift. Let the new support transverse this world. Thank you. That is the most important thing that you can offer in the world support system today. Thank you."

Quan Yin's Intentions for this Intensive:

"You will transform in this experience.

You will change your way of being to ignite enlightenment in all experiences.

You will be powerful enough to create whatever you want in your life.

You will offer opportunities to create enlightenment for all beings.
You will support transformation on this Earth, and everyone upon this planet.
You will enlighten everyone's experience, enjoying each other considerably more than before.

You will change your thoughts to support the excitement levels in this Earth experience.

You will live in consciousness, and celebrate that power in your body's experience.

You will feel and support transformation in every experience.

"You will channel yourself, and feel the power of magnificence in every part of your being.

You will change your way of being to maintain this power, and feel support of enlightened connection in every part of your being. 
You will notice the magnificence that you are in your body.

"You will fortify the world in your powers.

You will see your choices accelerating in power.

Your voice will accelerate in power.

You will portalize all beings in your powers, and transform the experience of enlightened support.

You will feel your support connecting to a lot of beings, and transform the experience of connection.
You will feel your being experience magnificence, and open portals in hearts continuously.


Remember Feeling This?:
Let's take it to a whole new exponential level!

"Thank you does not even begin to convey my appreciation. Just know that my experience with Quan Yin and the Quan Yin Creation Center has forever changed my life in the most positive way."

"I do not have the words to express my gratitude and love for these classes...We are the GODS in action! ...What a great service we are doing for the planet together!"

"... Beyond any description I can think of.  Wonderful, amazing, powerful."

" I am so joyful, I’m laughing and feel the air of dancing and singing around me. I am truly blessed to be part of this family. " 

"I cannot thank you enough for last night."

"Tears of awe, heavy fast breathing from exhilaration, which is now laughter of joy at how at all this was possible."

"The classes are amazing! I am awed by the changes I feel in my body, my heart, my thinking, my work, and the world. Bless you for offering this divinity."

C'mon Home Sweetheart!
Rejoin the Family of Enlightened Support!

Class Dates and Times:

We will meet for 12 Thursday classes and 3 Friday classes during this 15 week course.
 Thursday meetings are two hours each, and Friday meetings are four hours each.

Class Dates:
Thursdays September 3, 10, 17, 24

Friday October 2
Thursdays October 8, 15, 22, 29
Friday November 6
Thursdays November 12, 19, December 3, 10
Graduation Friday December 17
No class the week of Thanksgiving

Thursday Class times:
5:30 to 7:30 PM Pacific & Arizona*---6:30 to 8:30 PM Mountain*---7:30 to 9:30 PM Central---
8:30 to 10:30 PM Eastern---2:30 to 4:30 PM Hawaii*

Friday Class times:
5 to 9 PM Pacific & Arizona*-- 6 to 10 PM Mountain*--7 to 11 PM Central--8 PM to 12 AM Eastern--2 to 6 PM Hawaii*

If attending in person, arrive 15 minutes early.

*Arizona and Hawaii residents:
Class times in Arizona and Hawaii will become one hour later when daylight savings time begins in the USA. 
In all other USA time zones, class times remain constant.

To find your time zone: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

Quan Yin lovingly urges you to give this glorious gift to yourself and to our world.

Tuition: $650 for the full course, or 4 payments of $175

QuanYin asks for a commitment to the full 15 week experience. This course is meant to be experienced live, to accelerate the group energy. Recordings are available. If you are not able to attend a specific live class, three to four classes can be missed live during the course, if the missed class recordings are heard prior to the next class.

Preferred Payment Option 1: By Check

Please send check made out to Laura Lizak   49 Redstone Drive   Sedona AZ 86336
If paying by check, please call us directly to register at 505 670-0714,  and email us at creation@quanyincenter.org.

 Payment Option 2: By Paypal or Credit Card

Please note: We prefer checks to paypal, whenever possible.
Pay with credit card or paypal directly through https://www.paypal.com/. Press "send money", and then please click on"friend or family member." This will save us many dollars in fees.

Full Payment of $650
pay to creation@quanyincenter.org
Please click on "friend or family member."


 4 payments of $175
pay to creation@quanyincenter.org
Please click on "friend or family member."

Call us at 505 670-0714  for more info or assistance. Personal payment plans can be arranged.

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